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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Letter_Week 11_Sister Karony

Hey Familie!!!

The baptism went amazingly well! A bunch of members and nonmembers came, filling all the chairs! They got confirmed yesterday in Sacrament meeting too! Sister Fletcher and I gave the talks on Baptism and the Holy Ghost. I did the Holy Ghost. Everything went smoothly and people were tearing up... and yes me too. The spirit was so strong. The Ward really took them up and it's as if they've always been there. They're making a smooth transition to relying completely on the ward. They're so wonderful! The daughter is so excited for girl's camp and she's already talking about going on a mission! The older sister who isn't baptized yet, b/c she's terrified of water, is also being welcomed and not singled out at all. She's the sweetest kid and she's hilarious. They're such a spectacular family!
So, you really don't know who you're gonna be teaching, it's an ex-con, ex-drug dealer, etc... it's crazy to see how people are able to turn their lives around without the gospel! Makes me so grateful to have it, because if it's hard with the Gospel, you have to have a herculian will to do it without that! It's so rewarding to teach them though about the truth and the Atonement. I love being a missionary and getting to see the change happening within them as the Spirit works in their hearts. The members here are awesome and we're getting help from a few Sisters who are helping fellowship our investigators. We have three more people on date for later in March to get baptized. The end of my training is coming in faster with each week. I'm not trying to think about it, but I keep getting the impression that I'll be the one transfering out of here. However, that only pushes me to work even harder to teach more people and leave the area better than I came to it. 

I've had either walking pneumonia or bronchitis for the past 2 weeks, and it's getting worse. At first I'd thought it was allergies or a cold, but I had no fever. Mom, this is the same thing I keep having episodes of every year. When I get a sore throat and my body has no fever but everything hurts and burns. Well, at least now I have a better idea of what it is. Needless to say that I'm getting anti-biotics, stat! It's getting ridiculous!

I loved getting an email from you Luka! Thanks! Keep working hard in school! Learn how to study well, you'll need it for your mission! Also, read your scriptures, it'll help you with school. It will bless you with the spirit which will quicken your mind and make it easier to learn more and more. I love you too bro!

Love to all!

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