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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Blog Letter_Week 9_Sister Karony

This past week we had an unknown # call us and this man was really adament about getting a Book of Mormon that day. He'd read the book "Eternal truths and said he'd though about it!!!!!! Of course, we're thrilled and get his address and say we'll be by at 6pm with a copy.

I told you this last week and now you get the aftermath:

So, 6pm comes around and it's dark out and we're driving down an unmarked road that our GPS's voice "Beatrice" insists is the correct one.  There are deep irrigation canals on either side of this dirt road, and nothing but fields for miles around. I'm not getting any bad vibes or warnings, so I'm just shining my flashlight out the window, being a dork, whilst Sister Fletcher is freaking out reminding me that no one knows where we currently are, and oh by the way, it's dark, and we're going to see a man who somehow got our number and seems "too good to be true…" The longer we drive, the more she figures it's a serial killer and we're fresh meat. You know me though, I'm just embracing the situation for what it is, BIZARRE!!!
So, we get there and I have to help direct the car over this sketchy looking bridge and guess what, there's a pitbull sniffing me. We get across it and Sister Fletcher's planning an escape route as I'm going "Cute doggie!!!" The guy is pretty eccentric, but not harmful. He leads us behind some hedges and to the front porch of his house. We give him a Book of Mormon and pray with him. When we prayed was the only time it felt calm or normal at all. He didn't want to talk to us, he just wanted to read the materials we'd given him, and he'd call us later. He'd actually found our number in the phone book, and only ours had still been in service, and he'd tried the other 7 that had been listed before that. He REALLY wanted a book of Mormon!
Anyways, I felt so drained after that. He was so spiritually starving that it was like he'd sucked us dry! Sister Fletcher and I talked on the way back into civilization about how that would've been the stupidest thing to do if we weren't missionaries. Never do what we did if you're not on a mission! It most likely WILL be a serial killer, or something else terrible, waiting for you out there in the middle of nowhere!

The weather here decided to go nuts! It was snowing nonstop for almost three days and the roads were terrible and we got stuck a bunch of times; and the Lord did bless us each time it happened and sent random strangers to help me push the car out of it's rut.
 The Lord really does take care of His missionaries as they strive to do His work and will.
The snow has stopped finally, and I hope it stays that way. At least the crops this harvest season will be good, what with all this moisture it's getting from all the snow. Living in farm country puts snow in a new perspective. For them it's vital in order to have a good harvest because that's what gives the fields the water they need to produce crops. They'd been having a really dry winter until the snow came. So, to most round here it's a blessing.
Cool, huh? Now, think about how that can apply to principles of the Gospel! (*cough cough* FAITH!)

Another awesome thing that happened this week was when we taught accounts of the Book of Mormon with Charades. We played the game we'd made up to do this with a bunch of our investigators and it was so successful! they all learned a ton and were more excited about reading those accounts in the Book of Mormon for themselves. "Hurrah!" for heavenly inspiration!!!

Well, got to get going now and finish up preparation for the week! :D

Love you all!

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